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Retired College Instructor Develops Breakthrough VISUAL Subliminal Message Software Technology!

Enjoy a Happy Life with a Beautiful Mind!

Flashing Subliminal Messages Titles Subliminal Messages Titles Flashing Subliminal Messages Titless

Our revolutionary software has you viewing subliminal messages with just four clicks of the mouse, and in 41 milliseconds your subconscious mind is engaged in the re-programming process.

Our Topic Focused VISUAL Subliminal Message Software can help you live a happier, healthier life by empowering and energizing your Subconscious Mind! Ideal for Personal Growth and Law Of Attraction! Many titles to choose from to help you:

  • Be more positive, attractive, relaxed, and focused
  • Improve your physical health by improving your mental health
  • Increase your energy and enthusiasm
  • Boost your skills, increase productivity and creativity, improve career
  • Enjoy better and more stable relationships with family and friends, even your pets!

VISUAL Subliminal Message Software Slide

Are YOU ready to Beautify YOUR Mind?

*** C l i c k      H e r e      N O W ! ***

ALL ClydeSight Productions products are available worldwide. Our global outreach provides immediate downloads (original software, ebooks and MP3 music) to customers everywhere, 24/7. Physical music CDs are sent via first class mail.

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Original E-book Novels:

The Wroussara TrilogyFor Space Alien Sci-Fi Fans!
Click here for The Wroussara Trilogy Series E-Books!

THE Sci-Fi ebooks about life and love on the far side of the Galaxy! A grand Space Alien Adventure! Not all alien encounters are abductions... some are invitations! (Available on Amazon Kindle and other formats)

Click Here for these MUST READ e-books for Sci-Fi and space alien UFO fans!!


Cross of Ramplet Mystery BookFor Historical Mystery Fans!
Click here for The Cross of Ramplet - The Mystery of Throckmorton Manor E-Book!

Follow the adventures of the scheming Throckmorton family of Regency England as they double cross each other in search of the great lost treasure of the Knights Templar - The Cross of Ramplet! (Available on Amazon Kindle and other formats)

Click Here for this MUST READ ebook for historical fiction and mystery fans!

Original Software for Dream Workers!

Dream Angel Oracle Divination Software Screen Click Here to Discover The Dream Angel Oracle!

Revolutionary inspiring software program helps you communicate with your Inner Guides and Dream Angels right on your computer! Empower your spirit and get guidance like no other with the Dream Angel Oracle - Divination for the 21st Century Soul!

Click Here for this MUST HAVE for spiritual advancement!

Vintage Tape Recorder Reviews and Revelations!

YouTube LogoClick here to visit ClydeSight Tape Recorder Channel on YouTube!

ClydeSight Channel on YouTube features 100+ videos for vintage tape recorder - reel to reel and cassette - lovers!

ALL feature a narrated walkthrough of the functions of each machine, voice and music tests, and an exploration of the inner workings of each machine that has been lovingly restored by ClydeSight.

Find information about YOUR favorite vintage tape recorder on ClydeSight Channel on YouTube Today!

Vintage Taper Recorder Hall Of Fame

Click Here for the Vintage Tape Recorder Hall of Fame

FREE virtual online museum for tape recorder enthusiasts features cassette and reel to reel tape recorders from the 1950's through the 1990's in Galleries and Display Kiosks. See photos of the tape recorders, read the specifications, and see videos about how the tape recorders operate and were built. Watch project videos of interesting things you can do with vintage tape recorders!

small Wollensak vintage tape recorderClick Here to read the Wollensak Restoration Projects -- SPECIAL Report for Audiophiles!

Read about Neoclassical composer Tim Thompson's restoration of the Wollensak 5750 and 1288 vintage reel to reel tape recorders! The designer machines get a new lease on life after over 45 years of neglect! Videos and music samples included and all the technical specs you could ever want.

Web pages for Cat Lovers!

Clyde Big Paws, The CatClick Here to visit ClydeSight2.0! - The Fun and Games Cat Site

ClydeSight Productions is the home of Clyde Big Paws, Feline Unit 236.8v2! This is the original web site that started ClydeSight Productions!

Clyde's award winning web pages are filled with stories, silly little games, images and music -- all inspired by Clyde, the cat and his friends, Gertie and Eddie. ClydeSight2.0!

Neoclassical Music Albums!

Symphonia Felina CD cover

For the Music Lovers in Your Life-- Give the Gift of Our Beautiful Original Neoclassical Music!

Click here to learn about Symphonia Felina and Other Mewsical Masterworks - Music Inspired by the Love of a Cat

This is THE music album that cat lovers the world over demanded be made. It features the wonderful MIDI Clyde Tunes performed by neoclassical composer Tim Thompson and his amazing XV Orchestra. Available on CD AND Cassette!
more info...

Forestdale CD cover

Click Here to discover FORESTDALE - Tone Poems Inspired By Nature

Beautiful atmospheric music performed by neoclassical composer Tim Thompson and his amazing XV Orchestra. Available on CD and from Music Download Sites for your MP3 Player.
more info...

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Subliminal Message Software

Brain Wave Stimulating Digital Subliminal Perception Programs

Dream Angel Oracle Software

Dream Angel Oracle

Count My Text Software

Count My Text

Little Angel Messages

Little Angel Messages

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The Cross of Ramplet E-Book

Mystery Book The Cross of Ramplet

The Wroussara Trilogy E-Book

ClydeStuff cat lover products


Idiocy and the Oddity E-Book

The Idiocy and the Oddity Adventure

A Marketing Feast E-Book

Internet Marketing Book

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Symphonia Felina Music CD

Symphonia Felina neoclassical music album

Forestdale Music CD

Forestdale ambient music album

Festival Prelude Sheet Music

Festival Prelude for Organ


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ClydeStuff cat lover productsClydeStuff from CafePress and Zazzle!
Cat Lover's Gear - Clothing, Mugs, Posters, and Notions!


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Fun & Games Cat Site!

ClydeSight 2.0!  cat lover web site

The How To Live With
Your Cat Journal

How To Live With Your Cat Journal

Bryce Tutorials

Bryce tutorial web site

Wollensak Vintage
Tape Recorders Restoration

ClydeSight Productions Company Web Site

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10 Healthy Weight
Diet Tips

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