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DSPP Program List
Brain Wave Stimulating Digital Subliminal Perception ProgramsArrow
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Healthy Weight
Inspired Marketer
Love and Romance
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Power Writing
Psychic Pet Control
Smoke Free

Natural Mind Expansion Through Turbo Powered Subliminal Messaging!

Brain Wave Stimulating Digital Subliminal Perception Computer Program (WIN/MAC) featuring: Activator Phrase™ and naturally occurring subliminal perception.

Do Digital Subliminal Perception Programs Work? – YES!

Separating Fact From Fiction

Brain Wave Stimulating Digital Subliminal Perception Programs are different from other types of subliminal message programs on the market. This is what makes them so effective:

  1. They Are Dedicated – In our hectic lives, it is important to take "time out" to preserve our mental health and wind down. Our DSPP programs are dedicated - you sit for 15 minutes a day in quiet relaxation watching the screen. This focuses your unconscious mind in the most effective way.

  2. They Are Simplified – The unconscious mind works best with one concept at a time. When you run a DSPP program in a quiet room, your unconscious mind is only working with the subliminal messages for one topic, not processing a collection of confusing ideas and emotions.

  3. They Are Developed from Scientific Research – There have been thousands of scientific studies on the most effective means of delivering visual and audio subliminal messages. The DSPP programs are based on techniques that scientific research that has evidenced to be lasting and effective.

  4. They Are Hypnotherapist Advised – The DSPP programs are all advised by Boston area Hypnotherapist John Murray who has been working with clients for 15 years. This ensures that the subliminal messages are effective because they work in hypnotherapy.

  5. They Are Visual – Vision is the prime sense of the human body. We are a visual society. Stimulating the visual cortex is the most efficient way of sending subliminal messages to the unconscious mind.

  6. The Messages are Targeted – Each program deals with several aspects of a single topic. This gives your unconscious mind a range of ideas to process targeted to the topic where you seek improvement.

  7. They Are Visually Focused – We read by scanning- recognizing shape, not individual letters. The DSPP subliminal messages are set to appear within the natural optimal focal area of the eye where the shapes of words are most easily recognized.

  8. They Are Emotionally Neutral – The unconscious mind is most receptive to subliminal messages when there are few or no emotions being evoked. The background image of all DSPP programs is an abstract animation that has no emotional meaning. This allows the unconscious to accept the affirmations without associative interference.

  9. They Are Silent – Music and sounds evoke feelings and music conveys meaning to the unconscious. This can work against the impact of subliminal messages due to associative dissonance. DSPP programs have no soundtrack, eliminating this problem.

  10. They Are Self-Contained and Automatic – The programs are completely developed and self contained so you do not have to adjust them. The font size display and exposure times of the subliminal messages are based on scientific evidence of that which has been demonstrated to be most effective in visual subliminal messaging.

Subliminal Messaging Myths:

Subliminal persuasion and subliminal perception are the same thing and amount to "mind control".


Scientific studies have found that subliminal persuasion, as sensationalized in some books and conspiracy theories, does not have any significant effect on anyone. Subliminal perception, when self administered for behavioral change, has been found to be effective under the right conditions. There is no such thing as "mind control". There is such a thing as stupidity and foolishness.

Subliminal persuasion is an attempt to alter a person's behavior by sending unsolicited messages below the level of consciousness. Subliminal perception is a naturally occurring experience of perceiving information but ignoring the content consciously, thus passing it on to the unconscious mind.

Subliminal persuasion (i.e. "mind control") is prone to too many uncontrollable variables to work. Ignorance and susceptibility to consciously perceived suggestions that have an emotional appeal or promise of a benefit (i.e. Sign up and make $50,000 NOW) - which is stupidity - accounts for many accusations of "mind control". Con artists and political manipulators have used such techniques effectively for centuries. This is not mind control.

When used properly by motivated individuals, subliminal perception can help them affect a DESIRED behavioral change. It must be done under the right conditions in order to work. Scientific studies have identified effective subliminal perception techniques that must be carefully managed and controlled. Any subliminal perception technique that does not fall within the limits will not have any significant effect. Many subliminal perception programs are based on the hype of the topic rather than the science, rendering them useless.

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The timing of messages in a Subliminal Perception Program MUST be 1/24th of a second.


There have been thousands of university and hospital studies on the proper and effective timing of the exposure of a subliminal message. Studies have found a range of effective exposure times, measured in milliseconds, to be effective.

The 1/24th second myth was started by the famous "Buy Popcorn" scam in the 1950's. At the time, some theaters were embedding a "buy popcorn" frames into theatrical movie releases in an effort to increase concession sales. The movie ran at 24 frames per second, so the single frame was exposed for 1/24th of a second. The idea was started by a marketer whose business was failing. He created false scientific reports about the effectiveness of the concept. Later, he admitted that the entire thing was faked in an effort to boost his marketing sales.

Later this was sensationalized in two books, "The Hidden Persuaders" and "Subliminal Seduction". Both authors were advertising executives, NOT scientists. Of the thousands of scientific studies done on this topic, NONE found the embedded movie frame technique to have any significant effect on movie viewer's behavior.

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The greater the number of subliminal messages in a program, the more effective it is.


Scientific studies have found that quantity does not replace quality. A few highly targeted and motivating subliminal messages have been found to be more effective than a large number of meaningless ones.

The quality of a subliminal message (often called an "affirmation") makes a difference in unconscious impact. "I feel good" is not an effective subliminal message because it is not targeted to an experience or behavior. "I feel good when I am smoke free" is a much higher quality subliminal message because it is targeted to a specific experience and behavior. A million repetitions of a meaningless phrase will do nothing to alter behavior.

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The government (CIA) etc.) has embedded subliminal messages in TV signals as a means to control the population.


There is absolutely NO evidence to support such a claim. The CIA and other governmental agencies have funded scientific studies to discover any potential value in embedded subliminal messaging for the purpose of subliminal persuasion. The results have been negligible due to the many uncontrollable variables that affect subliminal messaging.

Conspiracy theory hypes various governmental attempts to control the population via subliminal persuasion (which is not the same as subliminal perception-- read the FAQS page). This is simply sensationalist and alarmist. The population is much more affected and swayed by standard persuasion techniques - public speaking, political advertising and so on. General ignorance in the population, laziness and a failure to understand issues and act on them or use democratic methods to our own benefit accounts for poor government, not subliminal persuasion.

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Audio subliminal message tapes and CDs are more effective than visual subliminal message programs.


Scientific studies have found that quantity is still king in this area. Some audio subliminal message programs can be highly effective, but it depends on a number of factors, including the ability to actually perceive the audio message beneath the "masking sound". The delivery system, audio or visual, is not as important as the ability to perceive and the quality of the messages.

Audio subliminal message programs have been around a great deal longer than visual subliminal perception programs because video technology has lagged behind audio technology in the consumer market. The myth is therefore that audio programs are more effective.

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Computer Subliminal Program users should be able to control the program, the message placement, the timing etc. because this is a "feature"


Scientific studies have found that the LESS involved a user of a subliminal program is with its function and content, the MORE effective it is.

There are many critical factors in a subliminal messaging program that must be in place to achieve effectiveness. Allowing program users to adjust these factors can ruin the program for them. It is akin to allowing drivers to adjust the timing belt on their cars. A subliminal perception computer program is not an end user creative or entertainment tool, it is serious business that is best left in the hands of a proper developer who has diligently followed scientific research.

Here is an example. Suppose you have a subliminal perception computer program that allows you to set the font to any size you like, in any color. Suppose you choose blue type. Then you run the program. It displays messages on top of whatever program you are running. Suppose that program uses a blue background. How can you perceive blue type superimposed on a blue background? You'd receive NO perception.

Suppose again that you are using the same program and one of the subliminal messages it sends over and over is: "I am happy". You are working on a word processing document for work, something you had to take home because there simply was not enough time to get the work done during the workday. On top of that, you spent two hours typing information and the program freezes up, losing your work. All the while, you are being sent that subliminal message "I am happy". But you are NOT happy, you just lost all your work! This creates cognitive dissonance, rendering the subliminal affirmation useless.

Be careful of programs that defy common sense simply to provide you with features that are meaningless.

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The Power of Positive Thought

Because the unconscious mind accepts all information without judgment, it can get loaded up with junk. For example, if a parent always calls a child "stupid", that child will have a lot of "stupid" messages stored in memory, accessible to the unconscious. The result is that the child will have a self-perception of being stupid, even if there are indications to the contrary. The unconscious mind simply repeats the "stupid" message wherever it seems to apply. It does not know that the "stupid" assessment is invalid. It simply compares a situation to other situations in the past. When it finds an occurrence of the concept ‘stupid’, the relating message is brought up. A very simple logical algorithm is involved here, sort of like this:

"All cats have ears. Michael has ears. Therefore, Michael is a cat."

We repeat our self-perceptions to ourselves constantly. They are considered by our unconscious minds all the time. If our self-perception is poor, a low self-esteem follows. This is the result of the many negative messages we constantly repeat to ourselves. It doesn't matter that they aren't true -- our unconscious just repeats the information it has internalized. And, eventually, this becomes part of conscious thinking, which becomes the way we behave and live.

Henry Ford said it best: "Whether you think you can or you think you can't, you're right."

Brain Wave Stimulating Digital Subliminal Perception Programs work because they override negative messages with many positive and affirming ones while the user is in a relaxed state. The unconscious mind is flooded with positive affirmations, and those are what it goes for. The Digital Subliminal Perception Programs may take a while to have an effect, because the "flood" has to build up.

Think of an empty bathtub where the drain has not been closed properly. When you open the tap, the water pours in but doesn't fill the tub. BUT, if the tap pours more water in than can drain out, the tub WILL FILL! At first, it is hardly filled, but over time it can even overflow. This is the way subliminal perception positive affirming messages flood the unconscious mind. When used properly and consistently, the numbers are in your favor.

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The Power of Numbers

In an hour, you can easily send yourself as many as 100 negative messages, such as that you are "stupid". In 1/4 hour (15 minutes) you might say this to yourself 25 times. Subliminal messages are repeated hundreds of times in a program "Session", which runs for only 15 minutes.

So, for example, a subliminal message program that says "I am smart", "I am intelligent", "I am clever", etc. sent 700 times in 15 minutes, then creates an imbalance in favor of the positive messages. The negative messages repeat only 25 times, as opposed to the 700 repetitions for the positive messages.

The unconscious mind operates by numbers. It makes the positive subliminal messages more important than the negative ones, simply because there are more of them.

This is how a Digital Subliminal Perception Program works. It doesn't matter what topic it deals with, it sends waves of positive messages into the unconscious mind for acceptance and storage.

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The Mind is a Sponge!

The mind is always searching for, collecting, and storing new information. It never discards old information; it just moves it to a "lower" rank in the stack. It is always there if needed.

It is like a program on your computer. A program on your desktop is easy to open and use. But if it isn't something you use a lot, you may move it to a sub-folder, say My Documents, or some other place where it isn't so obvious. You may do this to clear room on your desktop for another program you'd use more often.

Getting to the program in another folder isn't as easy as using the program on the desktop. So, of course, if given a choice, you'll use the one that is right there, where you can get at it.

Negative messages are like the old program. They never go away. Positive messages DO NOT replace negative ones -- they simply get stored with them. Both types of information are accessible to the unconscious mind. But the unconscious mind-- in its "computer"-- will eventually move the negative messages to a less accessible place to make room for the constant influx of positive messages that you are sending through your Digital Subliminal Perception Program. The positive messages absorbed through a Digital Subliminal Perception Program have a great advantage -- again, in the numbers.

If there are 700 positive messages and 25 negative ones, the unconscious mind will favor the positive ones. They are easier to access, they are more significant because they "feel good", and there are more of them. The unconscious mind tends to ignore the negative messages, because it has the many more positive messages to access. That's what it goes for, that's what it begins to feed back to the conscious mind, and that is how you start to see positive changes in your thoughts, feelings, behavior and life when you use a Digital Subliminal Perception Program.

One session with a Digital Subliminal Perception Program is obviously not going to be very effective for very long. Although the positive messages have been recorded in the unconscious mind, there are many situations where it can still find a correlation with the negative messages. So repetition is a key part of the Digital Subliminal Perception Program’s effectiveness. Again, it is in the numbers.

Each time you use a Digital Subliminal Perception Program, you are sending hundreds of positive messages into your unconscious mind. This has a greater significance than the internal repetition of a learned message, such as "I am stupid". So over time the negative messages lose significance, and the positive ones gain significance. Thus, in any situation, eventually, the unconscious mind reflects the positive messages rather than the negative ones.

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It's About Time

Time is a key factor in the effectiveness of any Digital Subliminal Perception Program. You have a lifetime of receiving and repeating negative messages to counteract. You need time to "ingest" positive messages and build them in your "system". The more you use a Digital Subliminal Perception Program, the more you store positive messages in your unconscious. If you keep it up, the significance of the positive messages eventually becomes so great that in any situation, the unconscious mind simply grabs the positive message and uses that as your self-perception or motivation.

It can't happen overnight, anymore than you became the person you are overnight. Your identity is made up of years of life experience.

But it doesn't take years for a Digital Subliminal Perception Program to have an effect. The program has the advantage of being able to send hundreds of positive messages to the unconscious in a short period of time, over and over again.

If you were to watch a ClydeSight Productions DSPP program as recommended, for 15 minutes twice a day, you would receive over a thousand positive subliminal messages for the day. The actual number of messages you receive depends on your focus on the computer screen, if you run the program for the full 15 minute periods, if you actually see all the messages without distraction, and so on. The program does not require concentration, but you do have to actually see the messages (not read them, see them). Nevertheless, in that time period, you get many, many positive messages. Digital Subliminal Perception Programs are extremely redundant to compensate for the variability of use. You can't lose.

Let's say for the sake of argument, that your received 1,400 messages each day. Let's say you used the program for 10 days. You now have 14,000 positive messages in your unconscious mind. If you did this for a month, you'd have 3 times that amount, or 42,000 positive messages in your unconscious mind.

Each message is recorded when it is received. The unconscious mind does not care that they are repeated.

Again, compare this to a computer. You can copy a data file as many times as you like. You'd have copy1, copy2, copy3 and so on. The computer doesn't care that they are all copies of the same data. If you did that, you'd have NO trouble finding the data, because -- well, there are so many copies of it -- how could you miss?

With a Digital Subliminal Perception Program, as a message is repeated, the unconscious mind increases its significance factor. So, a message that says "I am clever", repeated 15 times, carries more significance in the unconscious mind than a single message of "I am stupid". And 15 repetitions of the message of "I am clever." will always outweigh a single instance of "I am stupid".

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Seeing Is Believing

It might seem that you could accomplish the same thing by simply consciously saying positive things to yourself over and over again. Yes, this is a good practice and should always be the norm. But there is a slight problem, because the negative messages never go away, and the conscious mind tends to believe and act on these.

Once more, the computer is a great example. Suppose there are TWO of you sitting at the computer. One of you is diligently making endless copies of a data file. Well, that file will certainly be accessible by the time you get through with all the copies! But suppose the "other you" is watching and says "Oh, we don't need that!" and puts it in the recycle bin, or says "Hmm, that belongs in the "temp" folder on drive F". You'd have many copies of the file but they would be scattered all over the place, and some of them would be placed in the recycle bin where they would be ignored (in other words, they would be negated.) The "computer of the mind" can't empty its recycle bin; it naturally hoards information But information that is negated (in the recycle bin) is the LAST information the mind will look for in any situation. The information you have would still be there in the computer (in the recycle bin and elsewhere) but it would not be easily accessible or obvious. The first focus of unconscious thinking is always the obvious.

The conscious mind makes judgments about what to believe and not to believe, what to accept and not to accept. It does this based on learned perception. So if you have a learned perception that you are "stupid" and you get a message that you are "smart", conscious thinking will negate the "smart" message and -- put it in the recycle bin, where unconscious thinking can't get to it or use it. The message is there, but it is useless.

A Digital Subliminal Perception Program prevents the conscious mind from getting in the way, which makes the affirmations much more effective. When you "see" a subliminal message faster than you can consciously read it, it avoids conscious filters. The message enters the unconscious mind directly, without judgment, and without ending up in the recycle bin, or being stored somewhere else. Now the unconscious mind has access to it. Even better, the conscious mind accepts information received from the unconscious mind very easily, much more so than external data. It tries to "obey", which is why people often react to a situation instead of respond to it. This makes seeing believing, and this is why you must see a subliminal message, but not necessarily read it.

When your subliminal message is seen, your unconscious adds it to the stack of positive messages you already have and, by the numbers, the negative messages become less significant. Their influence wanes and the influence of the positive messages of your subliminal perception program grows. The more you use a Digital Subliminal Perception Program, the larger the stack of positive messages. Eventually it gets so powerfully large that it is all the unconscious mind can work with. That's the goal.

Almost immediately, you feel results from a Digital Subliminal Perception Program. And over time this increases, sometimes exponentially. Whereas in the beginning, you may have a little better self-esteem, you wind up with a LOT of self-esteem in the long run.

And this applies to any topic being managed by a Digital Subliminal Perception Program. The content of the positive messages may be different from the example here, but the mechanism and effectiveness are the same.

The process is gradual – so you may not notice it until one day you realize that you are a changed person.

That point is your goal. And the time does come. Sometimes it takes a week, sometimes 6 months—it depends on you, your experience, and your use of the program.

But by the numbers, you HAVE to win... it is impossible not to!

Do Digital Subliminal Perception Programs work?

YES! It's in the numbers.

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The unconscious mind is like a sponge. It absorbs everything.

Put a sponge on grape juice. It absorbs grape juice, it is filled with grape juice, it releases grape juice.

Give the unconscious mind positive thoughts. It absorbs positive thoughts, it is filled with positive thoughts, it releases positive thoughts.

MANY THANKS to Cathrine B. for editing this article.

Cathi B. holds a Master's in English from the University of the Free State in South Africa. She is an instructor in a special program there, teaching year long seminars to help disadvantaged students improve their English academic reading and writing skills in preparation for University studies. In addition she is a reviewer and proofreader for the Institute of Groundwater Studies, also at the University. This department is concerned with the management of borehole water and other underground water sources mainly in South Africa, and also in other parts of Africa. Highly interested in the Internet as the new form of international communication, Cathi has established two Blogs, one on self improvement subjects and one on Web site reviews of sites she has found to be excellent and rewarding experiences for Internet surfers.

Cathi's self-improvement blog can be found here:

DSPP Program List
Brain Wave Stimulating Digital Subliminal Perception ProgramsArrow
Click on title for info.
Healthy Weight
Inspired Marketer
Love and Romance
Lucky Winner
Power Writing
Psychic Pet Control
Smoke Free
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