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UPDATE: Novemeber 2002

If you read further down this page , you'll see that our original approach to Virtual Reality (done in 1996) went bust after Virtus dropped the player necessary to make it work. BUT...

Apple's QuickTime™ also does VR, and we have begun re-introducing Clyde's VR toys using that technology and different modeling programs for better images! All you need is Apple's QuickTime™ -- a proven technology -- to play with the new version of ClydeGalleryVR!

As you play around in ClydeSight2.0!, you will eventually run across one or more of Clyde's VR toys. All of Clyde's VR toys were created with a software product made by the Virtus Corporation called Virtus Walkthrough Pro® for the Macintosh. This was basic 3-D modeling software that allowed a computer user to create a virtual world that could be explored, or "walked through". This world could be entered by other computer users using the free Virtus Player. Virtus Player came in MAC and Windows versions, so a model created for it could play on any platform.

Virtus Corporation changed their business direction into the entertainment area, and they no longer offer the Virtus Player or any modeling products. For this reason and the extremely large file space the toys occupied, we have removed them from ClydeSight2.0! and cannot offer them for download.

But, we are keeping the pages in ClydeSight2.0! for historical reasons. Clyde DID develop these toys, and for a while, visitors could download them and use them, along with the Virtus Player (from Virtus' Web Site). We'd like you to see his accomplishments (there are screen shots).

We invite you to visit the VR toys pages and see what was being done in the pioneering days of VR on the MAC.

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