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This tutorial is intended to teach Bryce 5 users basic modeling techniques by building a robot BASED on the character Robby the Robot™. The Bryce 5 model can be used for educational and personal use ONLY. Commercial use of the model will require a license from Turner Entertainment Co., A Time Warner Company. ClydeSight Productions does not condone or imply any use of this model that would be construed to violate their rights, nor does it use the model in any of its own commercial products. See Disclaimer

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The character and design of "Robby, the Robot" was originated by MGM for the movie "Forbidden Planet" and is the property of Turner Entertainment Co. It is imitated here for Bryce 5 educational purposes only and no violation of their copyright is intended or implied. "Robby, the Robot" & "Forbidden Planet" are Trademarks of Turner Entertainment Co., a Time Warner Company.

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