Mystery Book, The Cross of Ramplet, the stunning, dazzling, entertaining new mystery novel that is the mystery of Throckmorton Manor and the search for the lost treasure of the Knights Templar. BUY TODAY!

Mystery Book - The Cross of Ramplet

Romantic Love in Regency England Leads to... Murder, Mystery, and Intrigue!

"It was a dark and stormy night..." when Darla Throckmorton - young lady of society - was awakened from a sound sleep by a mysterious stranger hiding in her bedroom, delivering an ominous warning.

Her dreams had haunted her with the memory of the awful events the night the steeple of Holy Trinity Church was struck by lightning. She fears that HE, whose name must never be mentioned, has returned to claim . . .

Thus begins the rollicking mystery book, The Cross of Ramplet. 

Darla - the scheming heroine who has a wicked temper and is rumored to be murderously insane - and her family are seeking the fabled lost treasure of the Knights Templar, a fabulous bejeweled golden cross worth a king's ransom.

The Throckmorton's are not alone in their quest! Conspiring with and against them are a dubious drug dealing doctor, a corrupt Anglican Archbishop, a French secret agent and a band of cut-throat pirates!

Who will win the quest for the lost treasure? How many must die before it is found? What is the fantastic secret revealed in the amazing and shocking four-chapter climax, a secret that affects them all?

Cover sheet to the Cross of Ramplet Mystery Suspense novel about the search for the lost treasure of the Knights Templar. Great entertainment.
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"Dazzling! A truly amazing story, and lots of fun!"
 -- Crystal Cauldron


"More than a mystery book, it's a parody of mystery books, and highly entertaining. One of the best mystery novels of the year!"
-- Keff Dolan, Voice Artist


"Total page-turner, funny, rich fascinating characters,
a real puzzle and great entertainment!"

-- Psychic View Points Entertainment


"Stunning, engaging, fascinating! A great story told in a lyrical style, a classic mystery book in its own time."
-- Mike Lord


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The Cross of Ramplet

The Mystery of Throckmorton Manor

The NEW Mystery Book by Garnell Thompson

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Cover sheet to the Cross of Ramplet Mystery Suspense novel about the search for the lost treasure of the Knights Templar. Great entertainment.


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Escape reality with The Cross of Ramplet, the mystery book that is perfect ebook entertainment. It's a fantasy filled with fun, humor and intrigue -- a parody of the mystery book genre about the treasure hunt for a lost legacy of the Knights Templar. e-book in PDF format.

Disclaimer: All characters in this novel are fictitious and any resemblance to real people, alive or dead, is purely coincidental.

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