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Symphonia Felina Cassette   Composer Tim Thompson created this album of beautiful and unique romantic classical music compiled from the world famous music of ClydeSight2.0!, the fun and games cat site that has been entertaining millions worldwide since 1996. The album presents the music in studio quality 44khz uncomporessed CD quality in wide pan stereo sound.

It's 17 selections include the popular themes to the adventures of Clyde Big Paws, Feline Unit 236.8v2, star of ClydeSight2.0!, including themes from Time Travel Clyde, CATZILLA, Frankenstein meets Clyde and the award winning Concert at C.L.A.W. A complete listing of the album's contents can be seen on the Samples page of this site.

Symphonia Felina CDThe album is available in its original Gold Collector's Edition cassette format or autographed Silver Signature CD. Now is your chance to own this unique collector's edition of this popular and highly acclaimed music. Sample the selections and hear for yourself what has thrilled so many, and order your copy today.

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