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was thrilled with your kind message.

Okay, you probably figured out that last page was a Clyde Trick. Your message was truly virtual, and didn't go anywhere. Actually, it went here. (It's the only way Clyde could figure to how give you an instant reply. Read on for an explanation.)

Clyde has a problem typing on the computer. His big paws press a lot of keys at once, and when he presses the Return key, he also hits the Delete key and trashes his letter. Clyde finds this method of communication very frustrating. So do his correspondents. (So, how did he write all those letters? Easy. They're fictitous. Anyone can do anything in a fiction!)

Nevertheless, he has managed create a special message for you, shown below. Each cluster of letters has a genuine letter (what Clyde intended to type, but garbled) inside it. The correct letters of the first word are bolded, but Clyde became indifferent and ran off before finishing. You'll have to figure out the rest for yourself.

Clyde's Response to You: (It's a puzzle!)

GRTVF hjngb swqazx hbkjn ,kljm 86hyt kol90i hyuj78 dfgrt lkoip 5r6e34
vgbfc koijhu aeswq jkuyoi gytrf 98iokj nhjmb hytgf DVCF ol;pk u76yt fxdsc 4re3f l {)PL:? swqa tghyf 4re3w!

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