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The Vintage Tape Recorder Hall Of Fame is an on-line virtual museum dedicated to preserving the legacy of "planned obsolescence" portable consumer grade audio tape recorders sold in the United States from the 1960's through the 1990's

It was created as an educational outreach for people who have an interest or curiosity in this form of audio technology.

The Hall is available for free 24/7 and is provided as an educational service by ClydeSight Productions. We add new exhibits on a regular basis, expanding the collection over time.

Estey Tape
1965 Estey ETR-70 Stereo Tape Recorder Chassis

Our objective is to document a collection of portable cassette and reel to reel tape recorders that should have "died" long ago, but have survived, been preserved, restored, and saved from destruction. They are true "survivors", which qualifies them for recognition in the Hall of Fame.

Most of the machines in this online museum are "rescues", bought at yard sales, E-Bay, and so on for pennies on the dollar because they were in such poor condition. We carefully restore each machine, bringing it as best we can back to original condition so it can perform as it was designed and we can hear that "legacy" sound.

In this VIntage Tape Recorder Hall OF Fame, you can see a slide show of the complete machine (often with case and accessories), read specifications (where available, these are sometimes very hard to track down), and see a video (archived on YouTube) that explores the function of the machine as well as explores its construction. In addition, we have "Project Videos" for folks who have a vintage tape recorder and want to play with it, or who want to understand some of the more esoteric things one can do with a vintage tape recorder.

Click Here or on the RECORDERS tab at the top of any page to go to the exhibits!

Cassette and reel to reel vintage tape recorders hold a fascination, a nostalgia. These consumer machines (often lesser known than high profile recorders) became a technological art form of their own. The ingenuity of these vintage tape recorder designs, both exterior and interior, is a testament to human creativity. Manufacturer's were free to let their imaginations "run wild". Thus in these vintage tape recorders, we see a rich and inspiring diversity of style, imagination, creativity, and can appreciate each machine for its unique, captivating and enduring beauty.


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