The Dream Angel Oracle Divination Software allows you to have conversations with your Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides, sending you Mystical Love Messages filled with Spiritual Guidance.
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"I was so excited to merge my Spirit Angel drawings and Dream Building affirmations with Tim's -- my gardener of beautiful ideas -- creation the DREAM ANGEL ORACLE. This oracle opens doors to possibilities. I ask the same question to all the Dream Angels and it confirms, teaches, or awakens knowing support."
-- Felista, Kahuna ARCH ™ Master
(Ancient Rainbow Conscious Healing)

Talk With Your Dream Angels...
Where Miracles Abound!

Desktop and Laptop Computers ONLY with:
MAC: OS9, OSX through OSX 10.5

NOT for APPLE OSX: "Snow Leopard" or "Lion", iPad or iPhone or other smart phones and tablets!

In these troubled times with,
spirit crushing proclamations of doom-and-gloom,
we need help to keep our spirits up,
to rekindle hope in our lives.

The Dream Angel Oracle Helps You
Rekindle the Hope and Joy in Your Life by Talking to Your
Personal Spirit Guides-- Your Higher Self--
Through Your Computer for Guidance, Advice and Comfort.

Happy Dream AngelWhat are Dream Angels?

They are like Guardian Angels and are always waiting to talk to us. Many times, they appear in mystical epic or cosmic dreams, sometimes in the form of friends, celebrities and other guides who look familiar and inspire profound feelings and emotions. The whole purpose of our Higher Self is to help us with words of inspiration and guidance. Higher Self sometimes appears as Dream Angels during the dream time to help us connect to the great strength of our Human Spirit and find solutions to problems, ease pain, be comforted and uplifted.

When our Higher Self speaks to us in our dreams as wonderful characters, it is sometimes hard to talk to them. We are so involved in the dream that we tend to watch it like a movie and miss the chance to interact. Now, thanks to the Dream Angel Oracle, we can converse with our Dream Angels easily while we are awake, just as we do with our friends  -- through our computers! We can hold conversations, ask questions, or just talk, and ALWAYS we will receive words of inspiration, love, compassion, and support in return.

Dream Angel Oracle Divination Software ScreenWhat is the Dream Angel Oracle?

The mystical Dream Angel Oracle divination software helps you call your personal Dream Angel Spirit Guides to you while you are awake, through the power of computer interaction. You just type your question or comment for the Dream Angels and they reply though this unique divination software engine tat is filled with inspirational sayings which become perfect for the moment and situation. You can now easily listen to the words of inspiration from your guardian angels and follow their advice. Through the Dream Angel Oracle, the dream guardian angels send you beautiful mystical words of inspiration filled with hope, comfort and profound advice. These messages suggest ways to clear confusion, cultivate harmony of spirit, and increase your effectiveness of your life.

The language of the Dream Angel Oracle inspires introspection and inspiration. The loving spiritual guides draw from a bank of inspirational sayings and like your guardian angels, help you look at life from a new perspective, acting as a springboard for the development of a new consciousness, one that makes you happy and fulfilled. You see paths to change and opening opportunities in many areas of your life.

We often get so caught up in career and other everyday situations. We need to take time out for ourselves, to refresh our spirit. The Dream Angel Oracle helps you re-establish the balance between your spiritual and everyday life with the fun and interaction of your computer!

It's an entirely new form of divination software, designed specifically for the 21st century soul!

"The Angels have become my close friends over the span of just a week. And the beauty of it is I don't even have to be very specific when I talk to them. They always offer help, support and encouragement, no matter what my situation." -- Cathi B. Cathi's Web and Product Review


Watch a YouTube Video of How To Use The Dream Angel Oracle!
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You hold "conversations" with your Dream Angels by typing messages or questions on screen and the Dream Angels respond with guidance and advice!

Click on the images below to see the Dream Angels reveal the "Secrets of Happiness!"

Dream Angel Oracle Main Menu Icon Dream Angle Oracle 1 Angel Conversation Icon Dream Angel Oracle 3 Angel Conversation Icon Dream Angel Oracle 5 Angel Conversation Icon
Dream Angel Oracle
Main Menu Screen
Secret of Happiness
1 Angel Conversation
Secret of Happiness
3 Angel Conversation
Secret of Happiness
5 Angel Conversation

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(The Dream Angel Oracle with its words of inspiration
is divination software that runs on your computer desktop.
It does not require the Internet to work!)

Desktop and Laptop Computers ONLY with:
MAC: OS9, OSX through OSX 10.5

NOT for APPLE OSX: "Snow Leopard" or "Lion", iPad or iPhone or other smart phones and tablets!

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Get help from the Dream Angels TODAY!

"I can't speak highly enough of this programme. It's as they say "simply the best."  -- Pauline R. The Crystal Cauldron


The Dream Angel Oracle makes a profound difference in helping people's lives. Here are some true stories!

Money Dream Angel Spirit GuideMoney --

    We all have money questions from time to time and need help. With the mystical Dream Angel Oracle divination software, your Dream Angels will advise you on how to think and act to improve your money situation!

      A man asked the Dream Angel Oracle for help with money. He needed a loan, but did not see how he would qualify. Through the Dream Angel Oracle and its powerful bank of inspirational sayings , his guardian angels told him that he was loved and embraced by the Universe and that he should listen to what others had to say, that sometimes, spirit works through people helping people. Two days later, he received a phone call offering a loan for which he was already pre-qualified. He thought it was a scam and was about to hang up, but he remembered the mystical advice of the Dream Angels and agreed to a free consultation. The loan was being offered by a highly respected bank, it was no scam - it was the spirit guides at work. It was the help he had sought. By the end of the month, he had his money.

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Dream Angel Sends Love Messages of Spiritual GuidanceLove --

    Love is wonderful. It's much more than romance. We all enjoy love messages, we all want to be loved, to give and share love. You can ask your Dream Angels in the Dream Angel Oracle to advise you how best to improve your passions in all areas where you express love... your career, your hobbies and interests, your personal relationships. No matter what your love situation, the Dream Angel Oracle will advise you how to receive and send beautiful love messages, whether it is in a career, hobby, interest, family situation, a current relationship, or developing a new one. Love makes life worth living.

      A man asked the Dream Angel Oracle to advise him on how to get a date. He was not having much luck on his own, and was beginning to think something was wrong with him. His guardian angels spoke to him through the Dream Angel Oracle divination software and sent him words of inspiration in love messages of spiritual guidance and support. Among their messages (for he spoke to many Dream Angels), they told him to look to his health and take care of his body. These mystical love messages of spiritual guidance were reinforced when he saw a TV show about what attracts people to each other. The program cited that health is a prime consideration, that people can instinctively tell if someone is not healthy and will tend to avoid them! The man considered this and changed his diet and joined a gym. Shortly after that, he met a woman, asked her out on a date, and she accepted. He later learned that she was attracted to him because of his "healthy glow." ... Spirit guides know, and they work in wonderfully mystical ways.

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Health Dream Angel Brings Mystical HealingHealth --

    These days people are more concerned with their health than ever. Yet each person and each body is different and unique. You can ask your guardian angels to talk to you through the Dream Angel Oracle divination software for spiritual guidance and advice in matters of your health, to help you get in tune with your bodily needs. Often just using the Dream Angel Oracle helps you to calm down, and gives you the quiet time to relax and let go and be embraced in the healing arms of your guardian angels. Relaxation of this type improves health and relieves tension! Not only does the Dream Angel Oracle have beautiful multi-colored backgrounds and fascinating angel images, it also has soothing original musical backgrounds that take you down into your calm inner self-space where healing begins. All you have to do is sit back and relax with the program.

      A woman asked the Dream Angel Oracle for spiritual guidance and help with her stomach pain because her doctor could not find the cause or a solution. She was getting desperate and was running out of hope. The Dream Angels told her to "stop and listen". She was open to the inspirational sayings and mystical advice and then she read an article about how our bodies DO speak to us to tell us what we need-- but we often don't listen. She thought about the message of the Dream Angels and listened to her body. That got her wondering about her diet -- what she was eating. She found a nutritional guide, discovered that her diet was out of balance, and learned what foods would restore that balance. She changed her diet and soon, her stomach pain subsided. She thanks her guardian angels every day for their words of inspiration and loves her Dream Angel Oracle program because it showed her how to relieve her pain, just by listening to her own body and heart.

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Happiness Dream Angel brings spiritual guidance for a happier life.Happiness --

    When it comes down to it, all we want is to be happy. Our guardian angels have this same goal for us. Speaking through your Dream Angel Oracle divination software, they will give you spiritual guidance, advising many different ways to improve your outlook so you feel happy all the time. For some, it is the adventure of meeting a challenge. For others, it is finding calming peace. No matter what it is for you, YOUR guardian angels know and will speak to your needs through the Dream Angel Oracle. We were born to be happy -- many times it is a matter of focus. Is the glass half empty, or half full? Your Dream Angels will help you see just how full your glass really is-- for the Universe is truly generous! And that is the Key to Happiness!

      A man was very unhappy during the winter holidays. He felt isolated and alone. It felt like someone was squeezing the breath out of him. He talked to his guardian angels through the Dream Angel Oracle and their words of inspiration advised him to think about his family and all they meant to him, to send them a message of love and gratitude for all they had been in his life. Although the man had a brother whom he loved, he didn't live near him and his family. Travel was always an issue because he didn't have a car. After receiving the spiritual guidance from the Dream Angel Oracle, a light bulb shone in his imagination and he thought, "Oh, wow! I can CALL him on the phone and just talk -- even THAT would make me feel better, and it would mean a lot to him too!"  But the spiritual guides had more than that in store for him! Before he got a chance to call, he received a "mystical" call from his nephew who invited him for Thanksgiving Dinner and offered to come pick him up! The man felt so touched and deeply moved, he was convinced that his spirit guides had heard his plea through the Dream Angel Oracle and inspired his nephew to call. He went to dinner and had a wonderful time. After that, he felt closer to his family, and to his own dreams and spirit guides. He has been visiting his family more often and his depression has gradually disappeared... Our spirit guides know just what it takes to make us happy. Sometimes, it is each other.

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"The Dream Angel Oracle program is truly a gift. This program has helped me neutralize stress, and the insight and direction I have received is simply astounding." --Jerald T. Jr.

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Get continuous loving support from your Dream Angels today!

In Memory of Ms. Shelah LundenSpecial Dedication
The Dream Angel Oracle divination software is lovingly dedicated to our dear friend Sheilah Lunden, a nurse and spiritual healer, who now lives in the Realm of Spirit. To learn more about her, please click here or on her special Dream Angel Orb.


The Dream Angel Oracle divination software program helps you talk with your guardian angels and receive words of inspiration through love messages of spiritual guidance, inspirational sayings, and advice from your higher-self and mystical spirit guides.

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