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ClydeSight Productions presents: Bryce Tutorials

Bryce5 Tutorials

These Bryce Tutorials will work with Bryce 5 and above.

Watch Our Robby the Robot Video

Click Here for Robby the Robot Tutorial


Kudos from the Fans:

"Just went to the site to check out the tut. Excellent!" -- John

"You have the best tutorials that I've seen and thanx, I've learned a lot about candles!" --Kevin

"I had messed with the Bryce 5 program a few times but never found any real good tuts for it-- till I found your site! I can tell-- you not only know what you are doing-- you're damn good at it, and your tut writing skills are beyond impressive!" – Wendy

"The dramatic lighting tutorial was a great--one of the best I have seen. Thank you." – James

"Thank you so much for the Forbidden Bryce tutorial. I am using it in class to help teach building simple models in Bryce. You have saved the DAY!!!" – Kathy

"I have really enjoyed going through your Bryce tutorials and learned quite a bit during the process." – Damian

"I am currently using your Robby the Robot tutorial and I wanted to say 'Thank You' for coming up with a model that is somewhat complex and yet still learnable by the style of your tutorial." – Felix

"I used your steam engine tutorial and it has helped me in my animating on Bryce 5." – Alan

Bryce is a popular 3-D modeling software package for both Mac and Windows machines. Our popular Web site, ClydeSight2.0!, uses Bryce to make many of the scenes in Clyde's adventures (Time Travel Clyde, The Idiocy and the Oddity, ClydeGallery VR, etc.)

The program is very powerful and users are constantly finding new and interesting ways to use it to create special effects or develop animations and exciting images.

ClydeSight Productions has created these tutorials that show users some of the things we have discovered to make Bryce do some wonderful things, and we are happy to share them with folks on the Internet!

Forbidden Bryce! — Build a model based on the famous "Robby the Robot"— entirely in Bryce 5! (and later versions)

Learn how to use Bryce 5 modeling techniques to make your own 3-D model robot based on the famous character: "Robby, the Robot", from the sci-fi cult classic movie: "Forbidden Planet".

This is the largest Bryce 5 tutorial ever produced by ClydeSight Productions (or anyone else for that matter). It's so big it has a Table of Contents and has complete instructions for building and posing the model character. Simple enough for a beginner (you won't be a beginner when you're through) and intriguing enough for a Master, the tutorial takes you step by step through the entire modeling process. It's filled with illustrations and detailed explanations, rendered images of the completed model and as a Bonus: memorable quotes from the never produced movie "Forbidden Bryce"!
--> Go Forbidden Bryce

Forbidden Bryce gets local media coverage in the Malden Observer!

-->Go Forbidden Bryce Media


The character and design of "Robby, the Robot" was originated by MGM for the movie "Forbidden Planet" and is the property of Turner Entertainment Co. It is imitated here for Bryce 5 educational purposes only and no violation of their copyright is intended or implied. "Robby, the Robot" & "Forbidden Planet" are Trademarks of Turner Entertainment Co., a Time Warner Company.

Bryce 5 Negative Lighting TutorialShadow Magic—Using Bryce 5 (and later versions) Negative Lighting to Create Shadows and Reduce Rendering Times!

Use the power of negative lighting in Bryce to create dramatic scenes with shadows while reducing rendering times to a fraction of normal shadow techniques. BONUS: Learn "Magic Mirrors", using the reflective material to multiply the objects in a scene into infinity! --> Go Shadow


Bryce 5 Steam Engine Model TutorialMake a Working Simple Steam Engine in Bryce — Start Your Own Industrial Revolution!

Use the powerful modeling and animation capabilities in Bryce to create a linked object steam engine model that can be animated by controlling only one moving part! --> Go Steam


Bryce 5 Lighting TutorialBryce Lighting FX1

Learn how to use the many lighting controls in Bryce 5 (and later versions) to dramatically light your scenes yet keep rendering times to a reasonable level. This tutorial covers five sections of Bryce lighting: Sun, Moon, Ambience, Artificial lights, and the Refraction material property. --> Light FX1


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