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Retired College Instructor Releases Breakthrough Personal Growth VISUAL Subliminal Messages Software for MANIFESTATION!

Buy Abundance Genie DSPP - Manifestation Software HERE!

Abundance Genie DSPP -- for ADVANCED DSPP personal growth software users -- empowers your subconscious mind to manifest what you desire in your life. Excellent for Law of Attraction devotees!

Seeing is Believeing with DSPP VISUAL Subliminal Messages Personal Growth Software

My revolutionary computer software has you viewing Subliminal Messages with just four clicks of your mouse, and in 41 milliseconds (less time than it takes to blink) your subconscious mind is engaged in the re-programming process.

  • Be more relaxed and focused
  • Improve your physical health by improving your mental health
  • Increase your productivity
  • Boost your skills, improve relationships, improve career
  • Language: American English
  • For WINDOWS: 98, XP, VISTA, 7 & 8
BUY NOW - $29.95
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Abundance Genie DSPP - Subconscious Mind Director ULTIMATE Visual Subliminal Messages DSPP Personal Growth Software.
Abundance Genie DSPP Personal Growth Software Virtual Box

Subconscious Mind Director™ ULTIMATE DSPP Software.
Manifestation Enhancement

This DSPP VISUAL Subliminal Message Personal Growth Software is perfect for Subconscious Mind Director™ MASTERS who want to start manifesting things in their lives.

Abundance Genie DSPP VISUAL Subliminal Message Personal Growth Software is for ADVANCED users of our VISUAL Subliminal Messages DSPP Software. It empowers your subconscious mind to manifest what you desire in your life. Excellent for Law of Attraction devotees!

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Our Esellerate Subliminal Messages
Software Web Store!
BUY Abundance Genie DSPP NOW!
with Credit Card or PayPal!

Price: $29.95!

This is DOWNLOAD software ONLY. There is NO physical product or shipping. You DOWNLOAD it from our store upon purchase.

VISUAL Subliminal Messages DSPP Software Helps You
Be The Director Of Manifestation!

You have the Magic of Human Potential! Become the director of your life
by giving your Subconscious Mind the direction for manifesting what you want!

ClydeSight President and Software Wizard, Tim Thompson
ClydeSight Productions LLC
President and DSPP Software Creator
Tim Thompson in Wizard's Costume

Activate Your Magic of Human Potential! There is a Genie who lives inside each one of us. It is our powerful subconscious mind. When we are masters at working with our subconscious mind, we can release our Genie to work its magic on our behalf, to manifest in our lives the things we need and want.

"Magic" doesn't require a fancy costume or ritual. It can be very natural and an everyday event when we empower our Magic of Human Potential. It's a power we all possess and often use subconsciously, but don't really direct. We aren't told we have this ability, yet we use it almost every day.

NOW you CAN take your personal power and direct it to getting what you want and need, with my award winning VISUAL Subliminal Message DSPP program - Abundance Genie DSPP


What You Get in my Abundance Genie DSPP Software:

Abundance Genie DSPP is our most popular personal growth software and our most powerful one. That's because it has more than all the others, and it takes a bit more work. I recommend it for Advanced Subliminal Message users.

The software contains a list of the FOURTEEN (14) most popular 'wish' categories that people use, from Love, to Money, to Success and more. Anything we want will fall into one of these categories. When you use the software, you interactively choose one of these categories and build your wish around it. The VISUAL subliminal messages in the software are tailored to the chosen category, and your wish refines the direction you give your subconscious mind automatically.

As you view your subliminal messages session, your subconscious mind, your own personal Genie, is directed to actively work with you to get your wish granted in the way that is best for you and best for others. Your Genie only works for YOU and will not affect others (you cannot use it to harm or control other people!) However, because YOU are changing and growing, you may influence others positively to help you along the way to getting your wish!

Abundance Genie DSPP is NOT about the occult, supernatural, or mythological processes. It is psychology based pro-social personal growth software about YOU and YOUR subconscious mind.

  • It cannot be used to control others or make them do anything.

  • It does not alter your physical reality in any way, natural or supernatural.

  • It is about using your subconscious mind most effectively to grant your own wishes, yourself, in a way that is good for you AND good for those you affect.

  • It WILL NOT work to bring harm to others. Any attempt to use it in such a manner will automatically nullify the effectiveness of the subliminal messages and you will receive NO results from using the software.

Like all ClydeSight Productions LLC VISUAL Subliminal Message Personal Growth Software, Abundance Genie DSPP has exclusive extra benefits, including relaxation response via Alpha and Theta Brain Wave stimulation and post-subliminal trigger phrases (Activator Phrase™ Technology) to make your results faster and even more powerful.

This is my ULTIMATE Subliminal Messages software for ADVANCED users. The reason is simple. If you have been working with your subconscious mind to direct your emotional, habitual and other subconscious functions, you have 'cleaned house' and now when you use your Abundance Genie DSPP, your subconscious mind - your personal genie - cannot be confused by the useless 'junk' lingering in your mind that could confuse or misdirect it.

My revolutionary software has you viewing Subliminal Messages within
four clicks of your mouse, and in just 41 milliseconds-- less time than it
takes to blink -- your subconscious mind is engaged
in the re-programming process!

Our motto is: "Seeing IS Believing". Take a look at the YouTube video below that explains everything you need to know about the Abundance Genie DSPP VISUAL Subliminal Messages software. Please note that we no longer offer our DSPP programs for APPLE OS and computers due to technical issues. Our WINDOWS version works on all computers that use the WINDOWS OS from Windows 98 through Windows 8 (in XP compatibility mode):



Interactive Tour of Visual Subliminal Message DSPP SoftwareOur motto is: "Seeing IS Believing"...Take our On-line Interactive Tour that demonstrates how my VISUAL Subliminal Messages DSPP Software re-directs the subconscious mind in the areas of self-perception, habit control, and self-confidence and see for yourself the power built into my software (the tour is safe, is NOT subliminal and will not alter your subconscious mind).



IMPORTANT!! About Anti-Virus Programs and Our Software:

DSPP Subliminal Message Software is Virus Free via Malwarebytes Scan
Malwarebytes Scan - MALWARE FREE!
DSPP Subliminal Message Software is Virus Free via Microsoft Security Essentials Scan
Microsoft Security Essentials Scan - VIRUS FREE!

All ClydeSight Productions LLC software is completely SAFE and Virus FREE. However, some anti-virus software is overprotective and will block our DSPP software from your computer (this is called a "false positive" error ).

You must take control over your anti-virus software or it will deny you the use of my innovative software. If that happens, contact your anti-virus software vendor and report a "False Positive" error. They should be able to help you.


All ClydeSight Productions LLC VISUAL Subliminal Message (Digital Subliminal Perception Programs) Software for personal growth and self improvement...

  • Are DOWNLOAD interactive software that works on Windows Desktop and Laptop Computers

  • Are automatic - just Launch, Click and Watch!

  • Display Topic Focused Subliminal Messages hundreds of times per Session.

  • Stimulate Brain Wave Relaxation Response.

  • Are entirely VISUAL (no soundtrack) - IDEAL for the hearing impaired.

  • Use ClydeSight Productions LLC exclusive Activator Phrase™ Technology.

  • Run fast - each Subliminal Message Session is only 15 minutes long.

  • Are GREEN! Direct Digital Download from our servers - no wait, no waste.

ClydeSight Productions LLC VISUAL Subliminal Message DSPP software is NOT sold in stores. It is DOWNLOADABLE software, NOT a CD or physical product. The boxes you see are for digital display only. The DSPP software downloads to your computer from the Internet as compact digital files.

Once downloaded, the software runs on your computer and does not require the Internet.

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ClydeSight Productions LLC Brain Wave Stimulating Digital Subliminal Perception Programs (DSPP) and Subconscious Mind Director™ Software Packs are personal growth VISUAL Subliminal Message Personal Growth Software that helps you re-direct your subconscious mind to enhance the quality of your life through the communication of pro-social, positive and uplifting self-perception affirmations via subliminal messages techniques.

Our DSPP VISUAL Subliminal Message Personal Growth Software is NOT marketed to, nor INTENDED for use by minors (persons under the age of 18) without the express permission and supervision of their parent(s), legal guardian(s), or their legally authorized agent(s), such agents to include medical and psychological professionals. See our Terms of Use / Privacy Policy for details.

Our DSPP VISUAL Subliminal Message software is for PERSONAL educational purposes and for INDIVIDUAL personal growth and self help use ONLY. They are NOT a substitute for professional medical or psychological advice or care and no such use is intended or implied.

Our DSPP VISUAL Subliminal Message Personal Growth Software is designed to run on laptop and desktop computers that use the Microsoft Windows Operating System (Windows 98 through Windows 8). Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and other countries.

Our DSPP VISUAL Subliminal Message Personal Growth Software is available for DOWNLOAD only from the Internet via our Esellerate (a Digital River Company) online Webstore.

There is NO physical product (i.e. CDs).

No special or additional computer hardware is required to use our software.

Each interactive software title uses the Adobe (formerly: Macromedia) FLASH 7 projector engine and is a virus and malware free self-contained executable (.exe) file. (Adobe, Flash, and the Flash logo are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Adobe Systems Incorporated in the United States and/or other countries)

Our software does NOT install itself or any auxiliary files on a computer system.

Our software is self contained and runs automatically when the software (program) icon is clicked.

Each software program runs in full screen mode ON TOP of other computer programs already running. It does not shut them down or interfere with their operation, but it does hide them from view. When a user closes a VISUAL Subliminal Message DSPP software program (by clicking on the always present gold-colored EXIT button) the software shuts itself down and the user's computer is viewable as it was before the DSPP software was started.

All ClydeSight Productions LLC products are written in the American English Language and are available worldwide in digital download format format.

Our software is NOT sold in stores.

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