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Retired College Instructor Releases Breakthrough Personal Growth VISUAL Subliminal Messages Software.

Learn about DSPP VISUAL Subliminal Message Personal Growth Software and its creator.

Seeing is Believeing with DSPP VISUAL Subliminal Messages Personal Growth Software

My revolutionary computer software has you viewing Subliminal Messages with just four clicks of your mouse, and in 41 milliseconds (less time than it takes to blink) your subconscious mind is engaged in the re-programming process.

  • Be more relaxed and focused in any situation
  • Improve your physical health by improving your mental health and outlook
  • Enjoy emotional health and well being
  • Enjoy better and more stable relationships with family and friends, even your pets!
  • Language: American English
  • Designed for WINDOWS 98, WINDOWS XP, WINDOWS VISTA, WINDOWS 7 & 8 (in XP compatibility mode)
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Privacy Policy

ClydeSight Productions LLC President Tim Thompson
ClydeSight Productions LLC
President and DSPP Software Creator
Tim Thompson

When I designed this 'sub domain' of, I wanted to provide you, the viewer, with an experience, a walkthough of pages that will inform and educate, that will open your eyes to see the phenomenon of subliminal messages from my perspective. In fact, I wrote the book that I offer for FREE on every page of this 'sub domain' ( to help you even further, to separate some of the truth from the myths.

You are probably wondering about my software, how I created and developed it, and why the technology I use in the software makes my DSPP VISUAL subliminal message personal growth software titles unique, different, fast and effective in helping you meet your personal growth goals. This page is for you to help give you the picture on my unique approach to VISUAL subliminal messages.

About Subliminal Messages:

Subliminal messages are communication intended to bypass the conscious mind and be received directly by the subconscious mind. This prevents or 'blocks' the conscious mind from adding to, taking away from, altering, or distorting the messages. All messages (subliminal or otherwise) are the core of communication, are educational and a part of the learning process. We learn from every message we receive. Subliminal messages are education for the subconscious mind.

Many techniques have been developed for accomplishing the effective delivery of subliminal messages. My software uses unique techniques based on my own research, and the research published in the scientific literature, to deliver VISUAL subliminal messages via interactive computer software. The psychological aspects of subliminal messaging comes mainly from the theories of the conscious-subconscious mind (as pioneered by Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung), and the characteristics that psychology has since identified as belonging to each.

My Subliminal message techniques are based on the psychologically validated process called: Subliminal Perception, which is a naturally occurring phenomenon wherein something is perceived in a way that is detected but not comprehensible to the conscious mind. Subliminal messages MUST be perceived by one of the senses (usually auditory or ocular) because if there is no perception, there is no reception. The concept that subliminal messages are invisible or inaudible is false. Subliminal messages are often 'masked' so that conscious perception is diluted, blocked, or confused so it does not interfere with the content being delivered unaltered to the subconscious mind. The subliminal messages are perceived by at least one of the senses. In my subliminal message software, the VISUAL subliminal messages are SEEN consciously, when they flash on the computer screen, but they are not readable, or comprehensible, by the conscious mind, therefore, it does not interfere or monitor the content of the messages.

Inception - How It Started:

Tim Thompson Receives Master of Arts DiplomaI began researching subliminal messages as a personal growth technique in the 1980's when I started using the, then available, audio cassettes on the topic. I had just received a Master's Degree in Communication. I became a member of the Division of Social and Behavioral Sciences and was an evening instructor at Emerson College in Boston. I was also the manager of the Academic Computer Center, where we used a number of early PCs including Apple II and Commodore 64 computers.

I was particularly interested in the Commodore 64 and wanted to advance audio subliminal message techniques from cassette to the digital world. No personal computer at the time could efficiently manage the complex audio files that would be needed for an audio subliminal messages program. However, the Commodore 64 had some unique VISUAL display abilities and characteristics that were ideal for my purposes.

I worked with members of the school's psychology department and eventually developed my first VISUAL subliminal messages software to run on a Commodore 64 and also the Commodore 128. This was before there were computer mice or the WYSIWYG - What You See Is What You Get - desktop interface. Everything was hand coded in the BASIC computer language. I used the Commodore 64 because it had the ability to simultaneously display the text and graphics (a simple abstract animation) properly for my needs, and it also had an accurate way of timing the exposure of the subliminal messages based on CPU clock cycles. I called my original subliminal messages software: Pygmalion. The name was inspired by the beautiful romantic story of Eliza Doolittle's personal transformation from a common flower girl to a sophisticated lady of society - which I felt reflected the concept of personal transformation possible for people using my subliminal messages software.

Commodore Microcomputer Magazine Cover ImageEarly tests of my new software showed promising results with volunteers who used the it for their personal growth. They reported that it was helping them and showed positive behavioral changes that were identified by others as well. I was so encouraged by this, and the assistance and encouragement of members of the school's psychology department, that I submitted the software (actually, a computer application) - "Pygmalion"- to Commodore Computer. They were impressed and published an article on Pygmalion in the 'Best of 1985 - Collectors Edition' issue of Commodore Microcomputers magazine (December, 1985, page 120) under the heading 'Self Enrichment' instead of 'Personal Growth'.

In the late 1980s, Commodore began shifting their focus to their AMIGA platform and in 1992 the Commodore 64 and 128 were no longer being produced or sold. I ceased further development of my Pygmalion VISUAL subliminal message software for that platform.

Evolution - How It Has Grown:

I continued to study the scientific research in VISUAL subliminal message techniques. I eventually retired from teaching to pursue computer graphic design and web site development in the corporate world, and in 2000 started my own business, ClydeSight Productions. It was then that I got the idea to 'resurrect' my original VISUAL subliminal messages software concept and program it for the modern PC. Using the Internet, I delved even deeper into the scientific research being done in VISUAL subliminal message techniques and designed my software to use their most effective best practices for behavioral self improvement and personal growth. I named my new programs DSPP for Digital Subliminal Perception Programs.

I also discovered that subliminal message programs are really about communication and the core of any subliminal system is the quality and content of the messages themselves. It takes a certain talent and skill to write them effectively for proper subconscious acceptance and resulting personal growth. The effectiveness of subliminal messages is not so much about the psychology (that research has been done and validated many times) as it is about communication - how the subconscious mind 'talks' to the conscious mind and what it says. I also found that hypnosis and self-hypnosis is a close parallel technique in both psychological and communication approach to subliminal messages.

Certified Boston Area Hypnotherapist John Murray PhotoI met and worked with Boston area certified hypnotherapist, John Murray, to write powerful positive and effective subliminal messages for my DSPP software that would properly address the subconscious mind, on topic, and free from ambiguity. John has been the advisor on all the messages in the 14 software programs I have developed. While working with John, I came up with two new ideas that are common to hypnosis to make my subliminal message software even more powerful.

Going Above and Beyond:

Based on what science found to be most effective in VISUAL subliminal message techniques for personal growth, I use an abstract animation as a 'masking' image (this distracts and gives some interest to the conscious mind to block interference with the content of the subliminal messages). This was similar to what I had used effectively in my Pygmalion software.

Studying the psychology of color perception and color metrics, revealed a secret. By carefully adjusting the colors and timing of my improved animation and its motion, I discovered that it could stimulate alpha and theta brain waves - the 'relaxation response'. This is a key part of teaching the subconscious mind in hypnosis, and my animation was doing something very similar, while not actually inducing a trance state.

I also adapted the 'post-hypnotic suggestion' technique to my software. This is the core of my Activator Phrase™ technology. It gives the user a unique phrase to use at any time to excite the subconscious mind into recalling all the subliminal messages it has received from my software. It enhances the effectiveness of my software - as the 'post subliminal' phrase is not only digitally delivered during the subliminal message session for subconscious learning, it is also known and consciously available to the user at any time afterwards.


How The Software Works:

ClydeSight Productions LLC Self Esteem DSPP VISUAL Subliminal Message Software is as easy to use as 1-2-3

My DSPP VISUAL subliminal messages software works on several simultaneous levels.

  • They are interactive computer software, NOT an audio CD. This uses the amazingly attractive power of the human-computer interaction to engage the user in the subliminal message process and achieve resulting personal growth through computer interactivity - which has been documented to have a strong draw on the user's attention.

  • They use naturally occurring subliminal perception to deliver subliminal message content. The eye captures a subliminal message clearly, but the conscious mind cannot understand it (in this case, due to the speed of delivery). However, because the subliminal message is captured (as a camera captures a picture) it is clearly perceivable and understandable to the much faster processing power of the subconscious mind. When using my software, you will actually SEE the words of the subliminal messages flash on the screen ( due to 'persistence of vision'), but you won't be able to consciously read them. Yet you may think you are reading some disconnected words. It is basically a rapidly fading residual of the subliminal message that impacted the retina and is already clearly recorded and understood by the subconscious mind.

  • They run in FULL SCREEN mode, on top of any other software being used. This is done to focus the user's eyes on the abstract animation (mask) and subliminal messages and prevents any competing information from distracting both the conscious and subconscious mind. Only the mask and subliminal messages are presented to your eyes, so your subconscious mind is focused on the topic.

  • They run in silence, are entirely VISUAL. While studying the scientific research, I discovered that an audio soundtrack can possibly cause problems in the effectiveness of a VISUAL subliminal message delivery system for a simple reason. The subliminal message is communication, and a music is communication. When I was in college getting my BA in Musicology, we studied music as a language. It is an emotional language that speaks to the subconscious mind, with its own set of rules (harmony, rhythm, etc.) and associations (a hallmark of subconscious thought). Music conveys a message which is created by the composer. I use the KIS principle (Keep It Simple) and I disable the the soundtrack of my software. The instructions in my software recommend that the user refrain from playing music or a TV in the background when viewing a subliminal message session.

  • They run in 'dedicated' sessions. Getting results from my VISUAL subliminal messages software means spending some time alone with the software, much as one would 'dedicate' time to visiting a therapist or counselor. Imagine going to the therapist and texting or talking on the phone at the same time. What would the therapist say? So too, 'multi-tasking' while subliminal messages are being displayed would only confuse the mind, not help it. Time is important, and we may not have a lot to spare. To make the process fast, my software limits the subliminal message session time to 15 minutes, yet, through my carefully designed exposure timing sequence, it sends hundreds of quality, topic focused subliminal messages to the user's subconscious mind.

  • They have Subliminal Message Review Screens. Obviously, as a user, you want to know the content of the subliminal messages that you will receive during your session. I provide these in an interactive 'review' screen so you can consciously read the messages prior to starting a session. This way, you can feel safe about them. You do not have to read the review screen every time you want to run a session, however some people like to do so, to add the power of conscious affirmation to the subliminal session. This conscious reading of the messages in the review screen does NOT affect the subliminal message delivery process or its effectives because the subliminal message display is randomized - hence you do consciously not know WHICH of the messages is being displayed at any time. Since the time of exposure equals the time of impact, and the conscious mind cannot read the message at the time of impact, it goes directly to the subconscious mind, regardless of having read the review screen earlier.

My revolutionary software has you viewing Subliminal Messages within
four clicks of your mouse, and in just 41 milliseconds-- less time than it
takes to blink -- your subconscious mind is engaged
in the re-programming process!

How You Get Results:

Everyone is different and part of Subliminal Message personal growth is a learning process. When you use one of my software titles, you are teaching your subconscious mind a new way of thinking and feeling. This is precious quality and educational time, which is why you must run the software as directed - with no distractions.

You do NOT have to, nor should you try to READ the subliminal messages when you see them flash on the screen. You only have to SEE them. Obviously, you must be looking at the screen for the entire subliminal message session.

You SEE the sumbliminal messages, you do not try to READ them.

When a subliminal message flashes on the screen, it stimulates the retina of your eye, which sends this information to the visual cortex of your brain. It is exposed for too short a time for your conscious mind to read the message (so it cannot negate or argue with it) but it is recorded by your faster and all-accepting subconscious mind. That is its job, it accepts all information without question because it is recording and collecting the experience, not judging it. The subliminal message is now lodged in your subconscious mind, presenting it with the new information. Thus, it learns the content and applies it whenever a situation arises that associates with the information. As a result, the subconscious thought becomes that of the subliminal message instead of what has previously been believed. Your conscious mind then responds to the situation from the positive subconscious thought that has been learned from the use of my software.

Repetition is one key form of learning. A single subliminal message exposure would have no effect whatsoever. The key is in the numbers and variations. My software has many subliminal messages for the topic (variations on the theme) and it repeats them - at random and in random order - hundreds of times in a session. This ensures that your subconscious mind records them each time because it does not appear to be repetition. This builds up what I call significance. As a result, when a situation arises where the subconscious mind makes an association with a concept or feeling, it chooses the feeling described by the subliminal message because it has achieved high significance through the many sessions with the software.

Learning takes time, however, which is why many DSPP software sessions may be necessary before this process can become effective. For some people it is quick, for others may take a while. Everyone is different.


A VISUAL Demonstration:

Our motto is: "Seeing IS Believing"...Take our On-line Interactive Tour that demonstrates how my VISUAL Subliminal Messages DSPP Software re-directs the subconscious mind in the areas of self-perception, habit control, and self-confidence and see for yourself the power built into my software (the tour is safe, is NOT subliminal and will not alter your subconscious mind).

Interactive Tour of Visual Subliminal Message DSPP Software

On-Line Interactive Tour (runs in FLASH Player):

The Exciting DSPP Visual Subliminal Message Advantage - it's Automatic!

Click here for our Interactive Presentation!


Ready To Try? Get a FREE DSPP Software Demo:

You are probably wondering: "Will this work on my computer?" I came up with a simple answer. Download a FREE DSPP Download demo of the Psychic Pet Control DSPP software. Just click on the link and follow the page to fill in the form and you will be able to download your software. The DEMO download will will introduce you to the actual experience of the DSPP Visual Subliminal Message Software process and help you determine if your computer can download the software and/or run it on your your computer system.


IMPORTANT!! About Anti-Virus:

All ClydeSight Productions LLC software is completely SAFE and Virus FREE. However, some anti-virus software is overprotective and will block our DSPP software from your computer (this is called a "false positive" error ).

You can test for this by getting a FREE DSPP Download DEMO. It will show you if this is happening, You must take control over your anti-virus software or it will deny you the use of my innovative software. If that happens, contact your anti-virus software vendor and report a "False Positive" error. They should be able to help you.


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ClydeSight Productions LLC Brain Wave Stimulating Digital Subliminal Perception Programs (DSPP) and Subconscious Mind Director™ Software Packs are personal growth VISUAL Subliminal Message Personal Growth Software that helps you re-direct your subconscious mind to enhance the quality of your life through the communication of pro-social, positive and uplifting self-perception affirmations via subliminal messages techniques.

Our DSPP VISUAL Subliminal Message Personal Growth Software is NOT marketed to, nor INTENDED for use by minors (persons under the age of 18) without the express permission and supervision of their parent(s), legal guardian(s), or their legally authorized agent(s), such agents to include medical and psychological professionals. See our Terms of Use / Privacy Policy for details.

Our DSPP VISUAL Subliminal Message software is for PERSONAL educational purposes and for INDIVIDUAL personal growth and self help use ONLY. They are NOT a substitute for professional medical or psychological advice or care and no such use is intended or implied.

Our DSPP VISUAL Subliminal Message Personal Growth Software is designed to run on laptop and desktop computers that use the Microsoft Windows Operating System (Windows 98 through Windows 8). Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and other countries.

Our DSPP VISUAL Subliminal Message Personal Growth Software is available for DOWNLOAD only from the Internet via our Esellerate (a Digital River Company) online Webstore.

There is NO physical product (i.e. CDs).

No special or additional computer hardware is required to use our software.

Each interactive software title uses the Adobe (formerly: Macromedia) FLASH 7 projector engine and is a virus and malware free self-contained executable (.exe) file. (Adobe, Flash, and the Flash logo are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Adobe Systems Incorporated in the United States and/or other countries)

Our software does NOT install itself or any auxiliary files on a computer system.

Our software is self contained and runs automatically when the software (program) icon is clicked.

Each software program runs in full screen mode ON TOP of other computer programs already running. It does not shut them down or interfere with their operation, but it does hide them from view. When a user closes a VISUAL Subliminal Message DSPP software program (by clicking on the always present gold-colored EXIT button) the software shuts itself down and the user's computer is viewable as it was before the DSPP software was started.

All ClydeSight Productions LLC products are written in the American English Language and are available worldwide in digital download format format.

Our software is NOT sold in stores.

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